Suspension roll to roll vacuum coating machine

Used in food, medical, cigarette packets, nonwovens, paper etc packaging materials , no plating empty lines, endless lines, wrinkles, and aluminum slag splashing, non-polluting, more uniform coating film, thermal deformation force of the film will be smaller , the cooling effect is good, especially for low-tension film CPP, OPP, PRT, PP and so on.

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Suspension roll to roll vacuum coating machine equips with square or circular vacuum chamber, used in food packaging film, medical packaging films, cigarette aluminized transfer metallized paper, laser anti-counterfeit, gilding, with high-speed, efficient, stable and reliable characteristics.

Roll to roll system: 

1,An innovative suspension coating design, rapid change volume, easier to maintain; 
2, multi-level flattening system, coating is smoother, higher quality; 
3, double cold drum design, better cooling, coating  temperature is much lower, speed is faster, up to 1000 m / min.

Aluminum evaporation system: 

1, top-mounted evaporation source structure, staggered, uniform evaporation, improve evaporation rates , you can quickly change the boat, easy to clean; 
2, highly reliable evaporation system designed to minimize the failure rate; 
3, Step wire system to ensure uniformity of the coating.

Control System: 

1, Siemens integrated control system, bus, HMI, PLC control; 
2, high-precision AC servo motor drive, four-roll four constant tension winding motor, control is more stable; 
3, high-precision digital frequency regulation evaporation control
4, aluminum wire stepper drive control system, more stable, more accurate; 
5, the unique roller system monitoring technology.

Vacuum System: 

1, use  frequency control, large pump suction system, pumping faster, more energy-efficient; 
2, double cold trap configurations, suitable for any climate. 

Origin, wire feed system:



1,An innovative suspension coating designed to save more time of changing lap and cleaning for the coating production; 
2, the world's leading coating speed, unparalleled efficiency, increase capacity by 50-80%; 
3, the real non-plated empty lines, endless lines, wrinkles, and aluminum slag splashing, no pollution; 
4, a more uniform coating, and better cooling effect, minimum thermal deformation of the film, the surface tension is not reduced; 
5, especially for low-tension film CPP, PE, BOPP etc.

Max width size 1350mm 1700mm 2100mm 2500mm 2900mm
Max roled dia 800mm 800mm 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
Evaporation boat 14 pieces 18 pieces  22 pieces  26 pieces  30 pieces 
Evaporation pressure 4x10-2pa(4×10-4mbar)
 Water recirculation rate 25m3/h 30m3/h 35m3/h 40m3/h 45m3/h
 Average Electrical Power Rating 200KW 230KW 280KW 300KW 330KW
Winding strip PET:8-35; CPP:18-60; BOPP PVC:15-60;(µm)
Max winding speed  720m/min 1000m/min

Monthly output

250T 330T 480T 580T 680T
Control mode Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic integration/touch screen + PLC
Remark Vacuum chamber size can be customized according to the requirements of customers products and special process
For BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, CPP and other vacuum aluminum, metallized paper, aluminum and other non-woven products
widely used in tobacco, food, pharmaceutical, labels, daily necessities, gifts, Christmas pull flower printing and packaging industry and other fields, such as
PET twist
VMPET aluminum twist
VMCPP aluminized
PET film
VMPET matt aluminum
PET film special film
PET packaging films
PET pipe aluminized
PVC film aluminized
PET film
release film coated with adhesive film color film

brushed aluminized mylar film

aluminum cast polypropylene film aluminum bi
oriented polypropylene film aluminized polyethylene film

laser packaging composite film PET film laser laser transfer film

laser laser PVC OPP film laser stamping foil membrane

counterfeit trademarks
Samples coated aluminum film Aluminium coated non-woven fabric sample Laser film sample