Optical vacuum coating equipment consists of vacuum coating chamber, vacuum pumping unit limit and cabinet (control cabinet, the electron gun armature), which is widely used in microelectronics, optical coating, civilian decoration, surface engineering and other fields. Optical vacuum coating equipment has excellent performance in preventing oil pollution, and shorten the work cycle and so on.

Optical vacuum coating equipment, on a high-vacuum condition, utilizes electrical beam to heating metal or non-metal material in proper temperature, then evaporated into steam molecule. Its average free path, is bigger than the evaporation source to the evaporated substrate, evaporated vapor molecules sputtering around, and deposited on the its surface wax layer after hitting the substrate.

How to maintain the precision optical vacuum coating equipment? following points are the relevant discussions:

1. Regular Replacement of Diffusion Pump Oil

When the vacuum coating machine used for a period of time, the diffusion pump oil of it should be replaced about two months two classes, because of long-term high-temperature environment, while diffusion pump working on high-vacuum, it may cause residual oxygen and other ingredients reacting with diffusion pump oil. Diffusion pump oil at high temperatures may produce cleavage to decline in quality, and extend the evacuation time. We think that it should be replaced at a regular time.

2. Vacuum Pump

Vacuum coating machine, mechanical pump oil maintains oil pump, in the use of two months, the oil property will change. Because oil can be pumped into the water, impurities and other reasons, while the use of viscous oil variation and vacuum decline, so need to be replaced. As for new equipment, it should be replaced in the first half a month, in adjustable period, the oil contains more running iron, which causes abrasion.

3. Environmental Maintenance

It should maintain the environment of those vacuum coating equipment, in a fixed time, keeping the cleanness of its inside and outside condition, to ensure the safety of working days.

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