Compared with electroplating and chemical coating, vacuum coating is more energy saving, safety and environmental protection. Vacuum coating is widely used in the fields of flat panel display devices, building energy-saving glass, photovoltaic cells, optical lenses, process and decoration, mechanical tools and parts, etc., and has developed into the mainstream coating method.

    In recent years, the vacuum coating industry in China has been developing rapidly and the technical level has been continuously improved. A few enterprises have been equipped with the ability to compete with international manufacturers, but there is still a gap between the overall technical level in China and the advanced level in foreign countries. Some of the core components used in equipment production, such as plasma generator power supply and vacuum pump, are still mainly imported, which to some extent restricts the development of the industry.

    The market research report of China's vacuum coating machine industry released by xinsi industry research center in 2017 shows that China's vacuum coating film industry maintained a good development trend in 2011-2016 with the continuous increase of market demand, and the industry scale increased rapidly. In 2016, the market size of the vacuum coating industry expanded to 6.09 billion yuan, increasing by 7.6% year-on-year.

    By product category, vacuum coating industry can be divided into large continuous coating production line equipment industry and vacuum coating production line equipment industry belongs to the large special equipment, the main core technology in the hands of a few enterprises, due to the complexity of involved in the process, high value-added products, lead to industry profit level is higher;Various monomer equipment, mainly including flexible substrate vacuum coating equipment decoration vacuum coating equipment optical vacuum coating equipment and various vacuum industry special equipment, wide application fields, but numerous manufacturers, more fierce market competition, the current overall output value is not high.

     According to the industrial researchers of xinsi group, currently the overcapacity of the low end of the vacuum coating equipment industry in China has emerged, and the negative effect is significant. The country vigorously develops the environmental protection industry, and bans, transforms or limits production in the traditional electroplating industry, which is a good opportunity for the development of the ion plating industry. The high cost performance of vacuum coating and the pollution of environment by traditional electroplating make the vacuum coating become the mainstream. A number of outstanding enterprises have emerged in China, breaking through the technological monopoly of developed countries in some product fields and realizing large-scale production. However, compared with the us, Europe, Japan and other countries, the domestic vacuum coating industry still has a large gap in equipment quality and level, product stability, accuracy is still relatively low, and the production capacity of large continuous coating production line equipment is relatively weak.

    Vacuum coating technology and equipment have very broad application field and development prospect. In the future, industries such as vacuum coating equipment industry will focus on the integration of information technology, rely on technological progress, pay more attention to the accumulation of technological capacity, make service-oriented manufacturing, and move to the high-end of the value chain of manufacturing industries such as the world vacuum coating equipment industry.