Firstly , Jewelry vacuum plating uses vacuum sputtering to perform vacuum coating. Due to the different coating methods, the effect of thin films prepared by the same plating material will be different. Although it cannot be seen by the naked eye, it does have certain advantages. 

The good film thickness stability , because the thickness of the sputter coating film layer has a large relationship with the target current and the discharge current. The higher the current, the greater the sputtering efficiency. At the same time, the thickness of the coating layer is  larger. As long as the current value is controlled, the thicknesses of the film also be controled.

The film has a strong bonding force. During the vacuum plating process, some electrons hit the surface of the substrate, activating surface atoms and producing a cleaning effect. The energy obtained by sputtering is higher than the energy obtained by evaporation. 1 to 2 orders of magnitude, when such high-energy plated material atoms hit the surface of the substrate, more energy can be transferred to the substrate, generating more thermal energy, which accelerates the movement of the atom activated by the electron, and Some of the plating material atoms were dissolved with each other earlier, and other plating material atoms were successively deposited to form a film, which strengthened the bonding force between the film layer and the substrate.

The range of plating materials is wide, because the coating of jewelry vacuum coating machine is sputtered out by high-speed bombardment of argon ions. Of course, the thickness is within the allowable range, and the current is controlled. No matter how many times the plating is repeated, the coating layer The thickness does not change, and the stability of the film thickness can be attributed to the good controllability and repeatability of the film thickness. Unlike metal electroplating, which is limited by the melting point, only low-melting plating materials can be used, and solid materials that are sputter-coated can be used as plating materials.