With high efficiency of electromagnetic filtration system, the arc generated in the plasma of the neutral macro particles, cleaning molecular mass and other large particles filtered, the rate of deposition particles after magnetic filtration reaching in 100%, so the film being compact and smooth, with good resistance to corrosion, and stronger binding force.

3. Columnar or Planar Large Arc Source

It is used to guarantee the high ionization rate, reduce the proportion of large particles deposition, achieve both effect in good adhesion, and good surface finish.

4. MF Magnetron Sputtering

It increases the ionization rate, reducing charge accumulation due to abnormal discharge, prevention of poisoning the target surface, the deposition process is more stable.

5. Closed Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering

By the activeness of Closed unbalanced electromagnetic field, it has greatly improved the ionization rate, deposition rate, as well as film substrate adhesion and deposition stability.

6. Pulsed High Energy Narrow Peak DC Sputtering

Instant bombardment energy and improve sputtering target ionization rate (up to 50% to 60%), close to the rate of ionization of the arc. By the action of an electromagnetic field can greatly increase the energy of the ion deposition, thereby improving film adhesion and compactness.

7. Anode Layer Ion Source Assisted Deposition

Improving the quality of bombardment cleaning, in particular, can realize the non-conductive plating before cleaning, when assisted deposition coating, the particles increase the energy deposition, to improve adhesion of the film.

8. Nano Composite Multilayer Films

Nano-deposition technology is the future direction of the coating structure, by depositing layers of different components of the composite structure of the film thickness of nanometer to achieve greatly enhanced coating performance.

9. Decorative Double Color Plating

Single color PVD coating can not meet the needs of the market, and then made the double color plating requirements, which is the development direction of decorative coatings, the quality of double color plating are being represented a level mark of PVD processing enterprises production technology.

10. Energy Pulsed DC Bias Superposition

It reduces the ignition of the workpiece, increasing the ion energy deposition, enhanced adhesion strength, improving the deposition rate.

11. The Cryogenic Trap Pump

By low-temperature condensation effect, quickly capture the residual gas in the vacuum within the system, in particular water vapor, greatly reducing the time to vacuum, to obtain a clean vacuum environment.

12. Molecular Pump and Cryogenic Pump

Green, greatly reducing energy consumption, the vacuum system pumping speed and stability, the coating process is stable and reliable, and reproducible. Cryogenic pumps can also lower saturated vapor pressure pumping and other difficult pumping gas, to ensure the cleanliness of the vacuum system.