Glass vacuum coating machine coating Considerations .Automotive glass coating increasingly popular, but many people enjoy the convenience of just after the glass coating, maintenance coating film after the relevant considerations and has not been done, this effect is maintained for the film is very unfavorable. 

First, vacuum coating machine glass coating can be applied over the rearview mirror.

Because the mirror is not the wind, if the plating to allocate water glass then there will be accumulation of water droplets, thus affecting sight. Advanced car mirrors are hydrophilic glass. In fact, the general construction glass coating only the front windshield, other glass mirrors can also be construction, but it is absolutely not the construction. 

Second, anti-fog construction Do not apply too thick. 

Glass and glass coating agents generally used in conjunction with anti-fog, anti-fogging agent in the use of glass to take note of the time do not apply too thick, if applied too thick, then it will not wipe clean. In addition, the duration of the anti-fogging agent with the weather, dry weather the duration of regular, continuous rainy weather, then anti-fog effect relatively short period of time, it is also important to note. 

Third, posted proof membrane can still coated. 

Utility proof membrane is insulated private, glass coating function is to increase the splash of the glass, these are two completely different things, I do not know why anyone would think that would not posted proof membrane coating a. In fact, this is not right, explosion-proof membrane and coating no impact. Proof membrane is generally attached to the glass inside, and coating agents and anti-fogging agent is generally used on the outside. 

Fourth, do not rain or car wash within four hours after the glass coating. 

This is to better protect automotive glass coating effects, rain or washing may affect the film's duration. And when the coated glass has been cleaned, the coating process and will not stain the body, there is no need to wash after the film is completed. To avoid the rain, then choose a good weather to do it as long as the coating on it. 

Fifth, anti-fogging agent once construction can last a month, once construction glass coating can last six months. 

The duration of the impact on the construction next time, you can also revelation friends want to do glass coating, but do not intend to do long-term choice for coating the opportunity to do it before the rainy season is generally a glass coating, had finished the rainy season is usually more than enough friends . In today's high cost of keeping a car to do so may well be a cost-effective manner. [2] 

Sixth, the glass coating product should look at the recipe ingredients select products. 

There are a lot of customers pursued blindly glass coating effect, here to remind you that one, the choice of products must be careful product ingredients, the more popular "plated crystal" This foreign words on the market, if you do paintwork on plating crystal is a very good product, but if done on the car glass effect but not very good, because plated crystal composition containing SIO2, after a glass finish, when using wipers wiper, will produce creak on the glass sound. Therefore, when selecting a product, must be careful.