Vacuum coating machine decorative coating due to the oxidation of the metal film is relatively easy to scratch easily lead to issues such as gloss reduction occurs, so the coating layer above and then sprayed with a layer of paint to complete the coating maintenance. Decorative coating and the dye can be added to the topcoat to achieve a decorative effect. Paints, coatings after the completion. Decorative coating approach is now a more popular approach. High brightness. And compared to other coating methods, the decorative coating interest is low, decorative coating on the pollution of the environment is small, now widely used in various industries. 

General practice is a decorative coating material to spray a layer of primer. Then the top. Decorative coating material is due to plastic parts, injection molding will be residual air bubbles, organic gases, and in the placement will be sucked moisture from the air. As the plastic exterior decorative coating smooth enough, the appearance of direct plating workpiece is not smooth, low gloss, metallic feeling bad, and there will be bubbles, blisters and other adverse conditions. After the decorative layer of primer spray coating, decorative coating will form a smooth appearance, and put an end to their existence plastic bubble blisters occur, making the plating effect to show. 

Decorative coating is the workpiece into the plating room. After the decorative coating to a certain degree of vacuum, the interior of the decorative coating tungsten resistance heating. After the decorative coating when it reaches a certain temperature, placed on a tungsten wire to melt, and then gasified and interior of the workpiece with the rotation of the workpiece surface uniformly deposited to form a metal film.