Vacuum coating machine ion plating technology has diffraction good, strong adhesion and coating materials, electroplating and vacuum ion plating characteristics: electroplating applications in various fields in the industry a long time. Simple equipment, ion plating technique under vacuum conditions. Mature technology, easy to operate. But plating is heavy polluting industries, consuming large amounts of water, electricity, metals and other resources, and produce toxic substances such as cyanide and other crVI; plating layer in cadmium, nickel elements can lead to skin cancer, harmful. No part of the plating layer between the workpiece transition affect adhesion, tissue columnar crystals, have pores, not dense, the impact of corrosion resistance. 

Small and medium-based, multi-national electroplating factory and dispersed. Emit large quantities of pollutants into the environment, living environment seriously endanger every year, so Electroplating alternative technologies is particularly important. Vacuum ion plating is one of the main exit instead of plating, the technology to operate under vacuum conditions, no waste discharge, no environmental pollution. Various types of substrate surface, such as steel, copper alloy, aluminum, zinc alloy, plastic, paper, cloth, wood, ceramics and glass, etc. can be ion plating. 

1981 at the National Planning Commission. In recent years, domestic and international attention to environmental protection, clean production, ion plating technology research and development process: vacuum ion plating technology research began in the late 1970s. EU environmental directives and the Chinese government have formulated a similar ROHS regulations, so the vacuum ion plating technology in industrial applications received widespread attention. Unit has held seven appraisal and application five patents. A lot of work from the project time, research depth, coating performance analysis and promotion, and industrial production. 

The main piece of decorative and for improving resistance to atmospheric corrosion, electroplating, vacuum electroplating factory film applications: plating thickness and application can be divided into two kinds: one is decorative plating layer. With chrome silver white color, due to the difference in density plating, coating 6 need another 1020 m bucket is a functional coating. Hard chrome plating is a typical functional coating, the main purpose of increasing the hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, hardness 7001050HV plating hard chrome plating six general 250¨m special wear-resistant chrome for 50300 Promontory, repairing worn parts for 8001000 various applicable bucket m thickness of the workpiece hard chrome plating layer. 

The main piece of decorative and for improving resistance to atmospheric corrosion, ion plating from the film thickness and application can be divided into two kinds: one is ion plating film. Ion plating decorative film tone variety, golden brown ion plating TiN, TiC was gun color, Cr silvery white, diamond-like carbon black, etc., the film 6 25pan another ion plating features thick, mainly in order to improve the workpiece resistance wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, the film is more than 6 m to 40 cents. R & D ion chrome alloy thick film technology, mainly in order to improve the wear resistance of the workpiece to replace hard chrome plating. Ion plating decorative film has been widely used in the production of, and ion plating features thick in the country in the development stage. Recently introduced by ion thick chrome alloy instead of hard chrome plating process, can be used in industrial production.