HCVAC Vacuum Technology specialists in:
> Surface engineering
> Vacuum brazing
> Vacuum equipment manufacture
> Heat resistant casting

It provides services to a variety of industry sectors including Aerospace, Automotive,Biomedical, Motorsport and Manufacturing, with customers covering the breadth of the Southeast Asia, European and American countries.

HCVAC Vacuum Technology offers a comprehensive heat treatment service with vacuum hardening / tempering / annealing, sealed quench, case hardening, salt bath harden & temper / marquenching, gas nitriding, stress relieving and chemical blacking; specialising in the heat treatment of tooling, proto types and small batch work, high volume work can easily be accommodated. All processes are ISO 9001 compliant.

HCVAC Vacuum Technology has a substantial portfolio of commercially available treatments, such as PVD Coatings, Heat Treatment, Plasma and Gas Nitriding, Induction Hardening and Vacuum Brazing.And providing a speciality in magnetron-sputtered tool coatings.