The unique design of the automobile light, is that the surface of plastic materials, which are coated with a bright aluminum layer, then forming a reflecting film on products'surface.

Its main principle is up to smooth paraboloid with reflection effect, the concentration of the light source is placed in a parabolic structure, in order to form a parallel beam, again to the small convex lens surface formed sculpture light source and a vehicle lighting effects. How to take the number of production into account , coating consistency, finished products through the inspection standards, process compliance with environmental regulations, etc., is an important condition for that process.

HCVAC- furnace series coating designed for lamp manufacturing process and development, combined with PVD and CVD technology in new HVMP process (HVMP, hybrid vacuum metallizing process in the same cavity can be completed at the same time coating and coating process, exempting from pre-after coating at required air spraying process, dropping low manpower requirements and a substantial increase in production efficiency, and avoid a lot of spraying caused by pollution and waste.

Industrial applications: automotive lights, such as light reflective film, AF lamp shade, baffle, anti fouling / anti fingerprint coating and other products.