Solar technology is something we have all heard of and possibly have seen on your neighbor’s pathway lights, in a plant bed or just a cool looking solar powered phone charger. Well, the day has come where ClearWorld is bringing a new market technology to you in a game-changing way by applying it to street and parking lot lights.

The benefits of Solar powered LED street lights are clear. They are not only sustainable and independent of the grid but they do not require moving parts and are virtually maintenance free.

ClearWorld's flexibly wrapped Solar LED street lights are not only used for lighting roadways or as a resilience measure when the grid goes down, but can be broadly segmented into 4 primary application types: New Installations (Off-grid), RetroFit: Light Poles (On-grid), RetroFit: Distributed Solar, Smart Grid/Smart City solutions.

America is sadly nowhere near the leaders in this market. Asian countries such as India and China are leading Solar Street Lighting with 44% of the market while African countries like Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana are spearheading the Solar LED street lighting market on their continent. Germany and the United Kingdom are leading the third biggest market for Solar LED Street Lighting in Europe in 2015. The African market is expected to outgrow the Asian Pacific market in the next couple years. This expected growth is the result of numerous initiatives such as subsidies, campaigns, and different programs introduced by the World Bank and International Finance Corporation to promote Solar street lighting products.