New thin film technology to meet the new challenges, in various parts of the world, optical technology is not only related to scientific research but also closely to people's lives. The coating is widely used in the fields of electronics, glass, digital, decoration, solar energy and so on.

Optical coatings have large properties in products, of its surface with specific optical properties, such as circuit board isolation film, glass reflection and absorption layer, these are popularly uesd between industrial or domestic requirement. Annual quantity of global dependence on film is very large, with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, also let the demand of  coating film increased, will further promote the movement of optical vacuum coating machine.

Optical thin film has many series, like: emission, pink, light, transparent band-pass, absorption film series and so on, it has gone through hundreds of years in the process of social development, and been widely used in the manufacture of optical instruments and optical thin films. For Optoelectronic information industry, such as storage and communication, they cannot do without the optical thin film, the film is determined by the performance of a large part of the final performance of these products, the research of optical thin films is an important topic, its technical level has become one of the optoelectronic information technology to measure the level of development.

The experts believe that the current overall level of China photoelectric information industry has been at the advanced level, every year we need numbers of optical processing products, with this priority, many related coating enterprises of vacuum coating machine/equipment appear, just like bamboo shoots after a spring rain booming, HCVAC company is the domestic giant of optical vacuum coating machine supplier, our company can supply many kinds of machine and do coatings at different levels, according to the specific characteristics of the product design to optical coating machine matching function, it is important that the processing enterprises in the use of the equipment can save more resources, improve efficiency and reduce its costs.

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