Application of vacuum ion plating in optical coating machine, vacuum coating machine multi arc ion coating equipment technology is an important branch of vacuum technology, vacuum coating machine multi arc ion coating equipment has been widely used in optics, electronics, energy, chemical equipment, construction machinery, packaging, civilian products, surface science scientific research and other fields. The methods of multi arc ion plating for vacuum coating equipment mainly include evaporation, sputtering, ion plating, ion beam deposition, molecular beam epitaxy and so on.

A piece of optical glass or quartz surface coated with a layer or several layers of different material films, can become highly reflective or non reflective (i.e. antireflection film) or reflection or transmission materials to any desired proportion, can also be used as a pair of absorption wavelength, another wavelength transmission filter. Vacuum coating of multi arc ion coating from the large diameter of the astronomical telescope and a variety of lasers to start, has been to the new structure of the large window film coated jasmine, all factors are very necessary in coating field.

Vacuum coating equipment, multi arc ion plating film is a large number of films and a variety of lasers to start, has been to the new building a large window coated glass, are very required. Antireflection film is a large number for the camera and television camera lens.

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