With the development of pvd coating machine technology, the design of decorative film begins to be improved in the direction of diversification and multilayer film, and becomes the preferred coating process in modern enterprises.Today, we will give a detailed answer after analyzing the experts of the China vacuum society. In fact, the normal operation of the coating machine should refer to the instructions of the operation manual. However, the general operation procedures, we simply talk about it:

1. Checking the vacuum coating equipment, if the operation of the control switch is in "off" position or not;

2. Turning on the main power switch, in order to send electricity for vacuum coating equipment;

3. Pulling out the low-pressure valve. When the air valve is opened and the air flow is not to be heard, then the bell valve is started and the bell jar rises;

4. Installing the tungsten screw heater. The substrate and the aluminum cover plate are fixed on the rotating disk, put the aluminum wire in the screw heater. Clean all parts of bell jar to ensure that there is no impurity or dirt;

5. Dropping the bell jar;

6. Starting the pumping system;

7. Opening the compound vacuum gauge power supply (compound vacuum gauge type: Fzh-1A);

8. When the pointer in the low vacuum gauge 2 moves clockwise to the 6.7Pa, the low pressure valve is pushed in;

9. Opening the cooling water, starts the diffusion pump and heats it for 40min;

10. Pullong out the low pressure valve. Vertical single door coating machine to repeat the action program: the left knob "1" to point to the 2 section of the measuring position. The low vacuum gauge "2" inside the pointer moves clockwise, when the pointer moves to 6.7Pa, open the high pressure valve.

HCRE series evaporation vacuum coating machine is a special equipment for evaporation, aluminizing, chromium and silicon dioxide on the plastic surface. It is divided into vertical and horizontal type. The film is not easy to be polluted, and can obtain film with good compactness and high purity, uniform film thickness, does not produce exhaust gas and wastewater, can avoid the pollution of the environment, is the ideal equipment for mass production. Widely used equipment, mainly automotive reflectors, handicrafts, jewelry, shoes and hats, watches and clocks, lamps and lanterns, decoration, mobile phones, DVD, MP3, PDA shell, buttons, cosmetics shell, toys, Christmas gifts and other industries.

Including the processing of materials: ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC, nylon, metal, glass, ceramic and TPU;

Coating effect: ordinary electroplating bright surface, Matt(semi dumb, dumb) color, wrinkles, drawing, rain;

Color: gold, silver, red, blue, green, purple and so on.

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