(1) Green and environmentally friendly, in line with international standards
Vacuum coating equipment Vacuum aluminum-plated paper is called green material because it uses vacuum evaporation method. The vacuum coating machine is relatively thin in aluminum coating, saves aluminum, and is easy to recycle and degrade. The thickness of the rolled aluminum foil layer of the aluminum foil composite paper is generally 6-7 μm, which can not be recovered as aluminum products or recycled as paper, and is non-environmentally friendly paper; the vacuum coating equipment PET composite film paper is a composite product of aluminized film and paper. Since the plastic film is not degradable in the natural environment, it is also a non-environmental type of paper; and the vacuum coating of vacuum coating aluminum plated paper has a thickness of only 0.02-0.04 μm, when used as a recyclate, vacuum coating equipment The aluminum plating layer can be quickly dissolved and separated in an alkaline solution, and the aluminum foil composite paper takes a long time to dissolve; when used as a waste, in a natural environment, the vacuum coating machine vacuum aluminized paper is more than a composite aluminum foil paper. It is more easily degraded by microorganisms in the soil, and degradation products are easily absorbed by the soil. In addition, the raw and auxiliary materials used in the production of vacuum aluminized paper are odorless, non-toxic, and comply with US FDA standards.
  (2) Saving resources and improving packaging efficiency
The vacuum laminating machine vacuum aluminum coated paper production cost is lower than aluminum foil composite paper, because vacuum coating aluminum vacuum aluminum coated paper aluminum layer thickness is only 0.02-0.04μm, is the aluminum foil composite paper aluminum amount of 1/200-1 /300, greatly reducing the consumption of metal aluminum; when using the transfer method to produce vacuum aluminized paper, the intermediate medium PET film can be used repeatedly about 6 times. Vacuum coating machine vacuum aluminum-plated paper has excellent molding effect, and the packaging speed on the cigarette pack high-speed packaging machine is faster, which is about 200 packs/minute higher than the cigarette pack made of aluminum foil composite paper.
  (3) Strong anti-counterfeiting, elegant packaging
Vacuum aluminized paper processed by laser holography, we call it laser transfer paper (referred to as laser paper). The laser paper transfers the pattern or text information containing the laser hologram to the surface of the PET film by molding, and then transfers it to the paper after being vacuum-coated by a vacuum coating machine, and finally displays a three-dimensional, bright laser anti-counterfeiting on the surface of the vacuum aluminum-plated paper. Pattern or text. The investment in laser paper production is large, the technology content is high, the production process is difficult, and it has strong anti-counterfeiting ability. In addition, the exquisite holographic effect also greatly enhances the nobleness and taste of the cigarette pack.