Photoelectric film winding coating machine

Photoelectric film winding coating machine, winding coating and multi-layer coating, can be applied to electronic paper, ITO film, flexible circuit board, solar thin-film battery, medical test film, RFID antenna and water oxygen barrier film and other products.

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► Touch control and optical coating industry

Applicable to display panel, touch panel and optical coating, touch panel, OGS key equipment and process industries such as glass substrates and soft substrates, coatings for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, large size TV Applications.

Anti-reflection (AR): 2AR, 4AR, 6AR
Refractive index matching + ITO (IMITO)
SiO2 and ITO films
Mo / Al / Mo film
ITO film








Solar energy industry

The a-Si PVD achievement of amorphous silicon 3GW
CIGS:  Mo, CuGa, Ni, AZO, Zinc Oxide
A-Si/ u AZO-silicon: aluminum, silver, nickel and chromium
HIT: ITO, silver, copper applications

Common specifications
Chamber material
 -304 stainless steel

Main pump
 -Dry pump or roots pump
 -Turbo molecular pump
 -Cryogenic pump
 -Diffusion pumps, etc.

Extreme pressure
 - No less than 8×10-7Torr/24h, Less than 8×10-7torr/24h@ Empty, Cleaning, Unloading

Leak rate(Helium leak detector)
  - Less than 1×10-9Torr liters/sec

Winding speed
  - 0.01~6.00m/min

 - Metals: aluminum, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, gold, etc.
 - Oxides: ITO, silica, titanium dioxide, etc.
 - Film (PET, PI, PC)
 - Plastic, textiles and so on

Thickness uniformity
  - Less than 5% of the effective area

  -100% (tape test)
  -100% (tape test)

Control system
 -Human computer interface control (PLC + PC)
 -Selection function (manual / automatic / semi-automatic)
 -Data feedback and real-time display function      








Max width diameter 1350mm 1700mm 2100mm 2500mm 2900mm
Max roll diameter 800mm 800mm 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
Evaporation boat 14 pcs 18 pcs 22 pcs 26 pcs 30 pcs
Evaporation pressure 4x10-2pa(4×10-4mbar)
Circulating water 25m3/h 30m3/h 35m3/h 40m3/h 45m3/h
Average power consumption 200KW 230KW 280KW 300KW 330KW
Rolling strip PET:8-35; CPP:18-60; BOPP PVC:15-60;(µm)
Max rolling speed 720m/min 1000m/min
Monthly capacity 250T 330T 480T 580T 680T
 Control way Manual+Semi automatic+full automatic integrated/touch screen+PLC
Remarks Vacuum chamber can be made according to customer's special requirements.
Roll coating and multi-layer coating can be applied to electronic paper , ITO film , flexible circuit boards, thin film solar , medical specimen , RFID antennas and water oxygen barrier film of the product . For electronic shielding film , car windows proof membrane , construction and decoration and other fields, such as metallic mesh electromagnetic shielding film , ITO transparent conductive film , anti-scratch ITO conductive film , electromagnetic shielding film, transparent film heating , energy-saving insulation film , PC copper-nickel film , PC heat shielding film , film capacitors , resistors with a dual -screen film products .
Electronic paper Flexible circuit board ITO thin film