Mosaic vacuum coating machine

Machine features: large capacity, high productivity and low production cost.It can coat imitation gold, also can get rose gold, coffee, copper, blue,magic rainbow color and so on. If mosaic plating titanium the color will be gold and rose gold, if plating chrome the color will be silver.

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Mosaic vacuum coating machine mainly used in coating colorful and glossy mosaic. This series vacuum coating machine mainly install cathod arc evaporation power supply, bias power supply, ion source for ion bombardment as well.

Machine features: large capacity, high productivity and low production cost. It can coat imitation gold, also can get rose gold, coffee, copper, blue, magic rainbow color and so on. It can provide a 3 d rotating mechanism, plating Mosaic color more uniform. If mosaic plating titanium the color will be gold and rose gold, if plating chrome the color will be silver.

Mode HCCA-1000 HCCA-1150 HCCA-1200 HCCA-1600
Dimension 1000×1200 1150×1200 1200×1300 1600×1800 1600×2200
Coating Gold TiN, black TiC, rainbow TiO, wear resistant coating, supper hard coating, DLC coating, metal decorative coating and so on
Power supply system DC power supply, MF power supply, arc power supply,filament power supply,activation of the power supply, pulsed bias power supply
Target type Multi-arc target, MF twin targets or plane target as options 
Vacuum chamber structure Vertical front door(Double water jacket type cooling or sink type cooling),the rear  air exhaust system
Vacuum system Mechanical pump+Roots pump+diffusion pump/Turbo molecular pump+holding pump
Heating system Normal temperature to 350 centi-degree adjustable and controllable (PID control), radiation heating by stainless steel heating pipe
Inflation system Mass flow control(1-4 road)
Ultimate vacuum 6×10-4pa(no-load,cleaning room)
Vacuum time Pumping time less than 13 minutes ,from atmospheric pressure to 310 -3 Pa mo-load
Pressure maintaining rate 1h≤0.6pa
Workpiece rotation Up rotate or bottom rotate + common rotation frequency conversion stepless controlable and adjustable, 0 to 20 RPM
Control mode Manual+semi automatic/touch screen+PLC
Remark Vacuum chamber size can be customized according to the requirements of customers products and special process
It's mainly used for all types of Mosaic plasma plating color film, obtained widespread application in the building Mosaic tile, including ceramic Mosaic and glass Mosaic, make them more diversified, more beautiful color, texture.
Glass mosaic Mosaic 1 Mosaic 2 Mosaic 3 Mosaic 4