Anti glare rearview mirror vacuum coating machine

The antiglare coating technology in the glass coating without reflection transparent film, can inhibit the light reflection of up to 99%.

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Anti -glare rearview mirror vacuum coating machine with anti-glare coating technology after the glass plated on non-reflective transparent film, can inhibit the light reflection reaches as high as 99%, using the rear view mirror the equipment production can be achieved in the automobile to start immediately after the opening of anti-glare function, automatic detection of environmental light function, and can be identified according to the intensity of light vehicle after irradiation, when the ambient light is lower than the set value, and the rear light intensity is higher than the set value, the rearview mirror automatic start, immediately by total reflection state transform into Anti-Glare condition of dark green, light after the reflection in the mirror after not dazzling, to achieve the effect of electro chromic. The following is the structure of electro chromic electric rearview mirror:



Vacuum chamber dimensions 430×1000mm 540×1000mm 700×1200mm 430×1000mm 540×1500mm

The type of power

DC power supply, AC power, RF power, pulse DC power supply

Vacuum chamber structure

Vertical double door, vertical, horizontal, single door single door pumping system

The vacuum system

KT800/ molecular pump mechanical pump +630 mechanical pump +1200 +4400 roots pump x2

Vacuum range 5×10-6 ~1.5 x10-4 mbar
Pumping time

The no-load air pumped to 5 × 10-2Pa less than 6 minutes

Control mode

Manual and semi-automatic and fully automatic integration / touch screen PLC


The vacuum chamber size can be customized according to customer products and special process requirements

Automobile rearview mirror, comprising a central rearview mirror, the left rearview mirror, right rearview mirror.
Rearview mirror samples Rearview mirror samples1 Rearview mirror samples2