Organisational development

We are focussed on creating sustainability and an organisation not afraid of continuous improvement. We will continue to make ourselves more efficient and we will do that as well as we are able.  This will create opportunities and have positive benefits for others bringing new thinking and fresh perspectives.  Edwards is always interested in new external talent appropriate to the overall business circumstance.

People development
People development is about staff contributing to the maximum and the organisation getting best value from its people. One key part of this is the talent review process. The Executive Management Team meets several times a year when potential senior line or functional managers as well as new talents within the Company, are identified and reviewed, so that succession planning is managed and structured.

We have a well developed appraisal system and ensure individuals receive regular career reviews with their managers, discussing future aspirations realistically and in a planned way.

We have continued to put emphasis on the recognition of individual and team contributions through award schemes such as our patent awards which recognise inventors in the organisation.