Motivation and engagement

We have been concentrating on three areas:

  • Improving internal communications,
  • Encouraging employee participation - so everyone feels they are contributing to growth and development
  • Growing the social responsibility of our business.

We have introduced a bonus scheme aligned to business needs - one which drives performance and adds flexibility. Our thinking is to reward people who deliver and exceed expectations on our journey to becoming a high performance organisation. The scheme is now tailored to the part of the business the individual works within and is one which also values 'thinking out of the box'.
We have recently carried out an external benchmarking exercise to ensure we will continue to be competitive in the future.
This is one of a number of changes that we have made since independence from BOC. At that time we were used to the central provision of payrolls, benefits and pensions. We have now established our own independent systems for all these areas.
We emphasise total reward and not just cash, getting best value for the company and the individual. Our Reward Strategy aims to educate employees on the value of the pay and benefits they receive and provide a package that is both flexible and transparent.

In short, we are supporting and encouraging processes that introduce a new way of thinking in the organisation.