The arrival of winter , the weather gets a bit dry, this time is very important for fire prevention . For a company with many people and wide area ,fire prevention work in winter is very important. Security issues, has been the topic people are most concerned about . Whether individuals or companies, have attached great importance to safety in their daily work, mainly to prevent the main , strengthen safety supervision .

On November 29, 2013 , Dongguan Huicheng Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd specializing in the production of vacuum coating equipment , as manufacturers , in order to seriously implement our fire prevention measures , and enhance staff awareness of fire safety , fire safety hazards to eliminate , minimize losses and ensure Company property. Full fire drill held company , this is the third time this year, fire drills , you can see that the company attaches great importance to the security personnel problems.

For this exercise so that everyone can become more familiar with the work of protection , and fire extinguishers during the operation . Responsible for the security of the captain of this exercise is well-prepared for a long time , including how to activate the alarm , fire escape scene , ambulance and other knowledge to explain and come up with a fire extinguisher demonstration activities personally .

Queued employees are carefully watching the captain of demonstrations and explanations, and ask everyone to look at the operation site simulation demonstration . Some of the staff of the site do not understand the process of firefighting operations , Captain leaders personally coach operations. Pick up a few staff shake extinguisher , pull the safety ring , align the center of the jet to the fire , the fire was quickly put out . Repeating this exercise several times , and soon the scene of the employees have been mastered . And plans for review and other aspects of the system after the completion of the exercise fighting . The whole process prepared, organized, to achieve the desired effect.

Every time a fire drill , so that employees who experience awareness of fire prevention , and to some extent on the fire emergency evacuation , the correct and proper use of fire fighting equipment escape skills have further practical experience. Future merged company will also organize more prevention knowledge training.