On November 27, 2013 morning, Dongguan City, the State Intellectual Property held a high standard of construction -cum- demonstration cities to mobilize the city's Science and Technology Awards Conference Center North in the city administrative offices on the first floor conference room . The conference will be the first half of this year 's Top Dongguan Science and Technology Award 97 conducted the ceremony, Dongguan Huicheng Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd  vacuum coating equipment , developed a vacuum cathodic arc deposition technology " for the low-temperature deposition and equipment "project, won the second prize .

In recent years , Dongguan very focused on technology innovation, encourage enterprises to increase investment in science and technology research institutes and R & D investment, to strengthen their focus on the field of technological innovation , to improve the scientific and technological level , make a significant contribution in Dongguan industrial restructuring projects, has been since the effort this year to get great results , a large number of patents generated in technological innovation , and promote scientific and technological development in Dongguan.

In the awards ceremony , the city of science and technology award this year 's Top 97 , including the technical achievement award a class mayor , Mayor Award honors classes 3 , Science and Technology Progress Award 93 ( including the first prize of 26 , 33 second prize , third prize 34 ) , total of 12.7 million yuan bonus . 87 research projects have reached advanced domestic level above , accounting for 91.5% . 576 patents , increased 34.89% compared with last year , including 105 invention patents , an increase of 192% compared with last year . 58 software copyrights , increased 13.73% compared with last year.

Science is to serve the people and the development of scientific and technological research direction we should be the people enjoy this point of view, Dongguan focus on research in this area, to guide technology projects closely linked with people's lives , such as bio- medicine, environmental protection , urban construction and transportation and other fields , to make science and technology facilitate people's lives , people's strong physique and beautify the living environment, in promoting economic and social development throughout Dongguan contribute .

To promote scientific and technological development in the whole process, the government plays a dominant role , Dongguan City, from the beginning of 2006 on the implementation of " Dongguan Science and Technology " project , research and development of innovative technology companies invest 1 billion yuan each year , in the " Twelfth Five-Year " period to support efforts greatly improved, doubling funding on five consecutive years invested 100 million yuan, the implementation of " Dongguan Science and Technology " project effectively promote the implementation of various projects in Dongguan , Dongguan accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading.

Project reported that this year the award-winning projects are supported by the national government , provincial and municipal levels are 57 , accounting for more than half of the total award , an increase of 16.33% compared to last year . Which is a strategic emerging industry projects , tenders Guangdong major science and technology projects and 8.

2011 , Dongguan City, first proposed Thirteenth Party Congress on economic growth and improve the contribution of science and technology strength. Scientific and technological innovation as a new round of economic development in Dongguan engine. Through the implementation of " Dongguan Science and Technology " project , technological innovation , Dongguan has been rising, and constantly improve the level of economic growth, technological innovation and the contribution rate is also rising .
The winning projects this year to achieve a total output value of 6.67 billion yuan added , more than 2012 of 2.762 billion yuan to improve the 141.49% ; exports worth 730 million yuan , more than 304 million yuan in 2012 to improve the 140.13% ; additional profits of 1.056 billion yuan , more than 461 million yuan in 2012 to improve the 129.07% , supporting the role of technological innovation in economic development increased significantly.
As a high-tech enterprise Dongguan Huicheng Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd ,its vacuum coating equipment develop in scientific research and technology innovation , creating a coating process of inestimable value in plastic , glass , metal, stainless steel and other industries .