In order to build Huicheng a healthy, civilized, united and progressive corporate culture, rich company employees amateur life, improve the overall quality of employees, and promote harmonious corporate culture Huicheng vacuum, strengthen internal unity, to show Huicheng style, while cultivating sinks into a collective sense of honor of all employees, increase mutual cooperation and common competition team. The company in August 21, 2014, held the "2014 Annual Huicheng Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. autumn basketball game cum Huicheng vacuum of the first basketball culture friendlies" in the industrial zone housing Yen Da Lingshan Town, Dongguan City.

       Company leaders organized basketball game, in many ways to establish a sense of belonging and well-being Huicheng corporate employees. The game of basketball is not only enrich the lives of employees amateur style, ignite the enthusiasm and confidence of employees engaged in the sport, reflecting the Huicheng company has been promoting the overall quality of attention to cultivating the spirit of enterprise employees, enhance the friendship between employees to cultivate a spirit of teamwork employees. With the unique charm of the game of basketball but also shows us the Huicheng company employees vibrant youthful.

        The basketball game is mainly to strengthen the exchange and integration of various departments Huicheng company between company departments to provide mutual exchanges and cooperation platform, trained employees collective sense of honor, and thus more conducive to everyone positive input to the usual work, a deep understanding of the Huicheng enterprise mission integration allows companies from the production, sale, and so on.

        In the future, Huicheng company will hold a variety of staff many aspects of cultural and sports activities, full corporate culture construction, enhance the comprehensive strength of the Huicheng companies.