When compared with evaporation and sputtering vacuum coating machine, the obvious feature for multi-arc ion vacuum plating machine is that the charged ion can not only attack to its substrate and film, but deposit on it surface. A series of effect of the charged ion can described as follows: 

The film of multi-arc vacuum plating machine can not be separated, it is that the ion attacks the substrate to forming sputtering effect, making the substrate washed, activated and heated, so wiping the gas, pollution layers and oxide objects from the substrates’ surface. Heating and defects of the shovel when the ion bombardment, can cause the matrix to enhance the diffusion effect. The multi-ion ion vacuum coating machine can increase the structure of the matrix surface layer, and also provide the conditions for the formation of the alloy.

Multi-arc ion plating machine due to the generation of good diffraction. Multi-arc ion vacuum coating machine at a higher pressure condition(≧ 1Pa), ions or molecules are ionized steam in the precursor to Scientology road will encounter many collisions of gas molecules. Vacuum coating equipment, multi-arc ion vacuum plating machine, under the influence of the power plant, will be deposited at any position with a negative voltage on the substrate surface. Therefore, it can not be achieved for plating evaporation.

The multi-arc ion vacuum plating machine has good quality. Since the ion bombardment can increase the density of the membrane, improving the organizational structure of the film, so that the uniformity of the film is good, with dense texture, less pinholes and bubbles.

Multi-arc ion vacuum plating machine has high deposition rate, fast-forming film , can be prepared 30μm thick film. It also extensively applies to matrix and coatings materials,  to the metal or non-metal surface plating metal, compounds, nonmetallic materials film. Surface of various materials such as steel, nonferrous metals, quartz, ceramics, plastics and other coatings.