The newly cutter tools has been the main factor for the manufacture techniques, vacuum coating machine and manufacture can’t develop without it. Vacuum coating machine or equipment cutting requirements are rising rapidly, and high-speed, high-precision, high efficiency, intelligent and environmental protection have become the pursuit of the goal of cutting; a continuous improvement process material level; high-strength and ultra-high-strength materials, high toughness, changes to the cut materials ; special requirements of the new situation presented cutting, such as processing hardness above 50HRC hard machining, minimal lubrication and no lubrication of dry cutting continue to emerge. In short, individual cutting characteristics become increasingly apparent.

Faced with these changes, if it requires vacuum coating machine or equipment, tool design and manufacturing process or the overall performance of cutting tool materials  to adapt to these demands, the technical difficulty is great, especially for cutting   materials, not only the resources in extremely economical, but materials to meet the requirements of increasingly complex integrated cutting, are usually difficult to achieve.

 The failure of cutting tools can be seen as a result of the surface properties of the material. Most of the failure is often associated with physical, chemical, mechanical and other surface properties of the material , which is the requirement for the surface properties of the cutting tool materials, moving the research of surface engineering technology . The experimental results show that the method can be applied to the cutting tools, and the results show that the technology can be applied to the cutting tools, and it has been applied in the modern cutting tools.

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