Car lights special coating equipment

The main features of the device include: high-voltage ion bombardment,finish aluminum coating and protective film (SiO) in the chamber at one time. Ultra hard protective film improves the ability of resistance to nitride and maintain the aluminum film's long-term high reflectivity of the aluminum layer an aluminum layer.

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Car lights special coating machine is including horizontal and vertical structure according to chamber type.The main functions of this machine are high-voltage ion bombardmend and finish aluminum coating and protection coating(SIO)in the chamber at one time.Super-hard coating enhances resistance of aluminum coating and maintains the aluminum film's long-term high reflectivity.The reflective coating for headlights has reached the national test standard.The coating has passed by acid test,salt test and alkali-resisting test etc.The machine is useing computer control ,monitor operation and process monitoring,which have improved production efficiency,ensured the stability and consistency of product quality,reduced the impact of human factors.

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Chamber size HCAL-430×1000mm HCAL-540×1000mm HCAL-700×1200mm HCAL-430×1000mm HCAL-540×1500mm
Power source DC power, AC power, RF power, pulsed DC power
Chamber structure Vertical double door、vertical single、horizontal single door、Exhaust system
Vacuum system KT800/Molecular pump+630Mechanical pump+1200Mechanical pump+4400Roots pumpsx2
Vacuum range 5×10-6 ~1.5 x10-4 mbar
Pumping time Pump from atmosphere to 5×10-2pa<6 minutes
Control mode Manual+Semi-Automatic+Full automatic all in one mode, Touch screen + PLC
Remark We can design the dimension of the equipment according to customer’s special technique requirement.
Automotive lighting reflective film, reflective cup, headlights, rear lights, turn light, license lamp, etc.
Headlights include: tungsten halogen light, xenon lights, low beam lights, high beam, front turn signal lamp, front position lamp (also known as showing the wide lights, indicating the presence of the vehicle position lamp),front fog lights
Rear lights, including rear position lamp, down lights, brake lights, rear fog lights , rear turn signals.
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