Medium sized single station oven

The A3 cold rolling carbon plate production, the use of A3 cold carbon steel plate, the complex surface paint, between the shell and the liner with aluminum silicate fiber filling, is forming the insulating layer reliable. Heating pipe is arranged at the bottom of the duct (or both sides duct), room temperature ~300 ℃ can be adjusted directly.

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Function characteristics:
1. A hot air circulating duct design ingenious, hot air is circulated in the oven with high coverage, even drying of the material and energy saving LED double digital    intelligent temperature control, PID algorithm, automatic control, constant temperature, simple operation, precise temperature control;
2. A second ~99.99 hours set time, automatically stop heating time, and alarm;
3. The oven is firm and durable, can be 24 hours a day of work at constant temperature;
4. According to the internal dimension, the actual demand to adjust body color, the highest temperature, heating rate, the weight, the shelf and layers, and may not be      additional cost;
5. Over temperature protection device, prevent the temperature control failure continued warming, baked goods safety guarantee;
6. Printing temperature record;
7. Outlet assembly drawing device;
8. Computer view and print temperature records or computer control group.

Studio size High 1500mm, width 1500mm, depth 1200mm
Studio material Stainless steel plate
Studio stratification According to user requirements set
Wall materials The cold plate, the complex surface paint
Working temperature Room temperature ~300 ℃ arbitrary regulation
Temperature control accuracy Plus or minus 1 degrees
Temperature control mode PID double digital intelligent temperature control, key settings, the settings and the actual temperature of LED digital display
The power supply voltage 380V (three-phase four wire), 50HZ
Heating equipment stainless steel electric heating tube; the service life of up to 40000 hours
The heating power 21KW
 Air supply system Dual duct horizontal wind
Air supply device Long resistant to high temperature oven motor and an oven special multi blade wind wheel

The timing device

1 ~99.9 hours of constant temperature and timing, pre baking time, time to automatically cut off the heating and alarm

Factory accessories Made according to the user's requirements
Optional accessories Made according to the user's requirements
Other specifications The oven can be according to the actual needs of users customize various specifications and functions (oven / drying box)
General can be used as ultrasonic cleaning, electroplating, spraying and subsequent drying equipment.
Medium sized single station oven