The uniformity for pvd vacuum coating, ion plating film mainly include its composition,organizational structure and thickness,ultimately ensuring uniform coatings of various properties. Properties of the material are decided by its organizational structure and component,the film must be uniformly combined membrane composition with structure of the system design. Film is a two-dimensional material, the thickness of the film is an important technical indicators. Such interference color film, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance are closely related to the uniformity performance of film thickness.

Ion plating film components originate from plated material, or from the evaporation source, sputtering target materials and the reactive gas. Species and the proportion of these deposits in the deposition process, it should be given stable supply.

Ion plating film layer structure doesn’t determine the material composition of the sediment, but the energy deposition of particles, angle of incidence of the particles and the substrate temperature. The deposition process requires consistent with the film.

On the condition of the same density ion plating films, its film thickness depends on the total amount of deposits.