DLC vacuum coating machine for plating objects,  mainly related to its size and bulk. DLC films rack are applicable to the general size of products,  such as car bumpers, bicycle handlebars and so on. Barrel for small parts, such as fasteners, washers, pins and the like. Continuous plating suits for mass production of wire and strip.

Vacuum coating machine DLC film has acidic, alkaline and processing of chromium mixture acidic and neutral solutions. Except for plating manner, DLC films only have a certain degree of versatility in the plating bath products, plating tank and hanging tools.

DLC thin film is obtained from the compound, containing a metal-plated conductive salts, buffering agents, pH adjusting agents and other additives. After powering, DLC film liquid metal ion move around, then forming the coating on the cathode of DLC films, in the role of potential differences.  

In order to keep the the thickness of DLC coated metal ion, it requires timely controlling. When it enter into DLC film, the content of the anode material quality, DLC film fluid, temperature, current density, power-on time, stirring intensity, precipitated impurities, and power supply waveform, will affect the quality of DLC film coating.