RF power supply

For the micro process to macro products, the RF power series can make the processing technology with high stability, so it is often used in the production of micro components. The series power will help you succeed when the power supply scheme cannot be effectively implemented.


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TruPlasma RF 1000 power supply—High productivity, stable technical process

Power coupling technique CombineLine(Combined output control circuit) with optimization of power conversion technology,greatly improving the production efficiency of RF plasma applications.

• Real output impedance 50, process flow stability
• Power can be adjusted between 1W~3000W
• Compact half 19 "design

•  80% power factor
• High stability and reliability
• Output impedance 50Ω
• Achieve precise control in low power
• The cable length flexible and changeable between the power supply and the matching box

Customer benefit:
• Reduce the cost
• Greatly extend the life of the equipment
• High productivity, stable process
• Good reproducibility
• Convenient system integration, lower cost

TruPlasma RF 7000 RF power supply series—The highest level of plasma excitation

High frequency power series products, achieve the best results

• The use of leading radio frequency(RF)technology, has been widely welcomed
• Installed a large base, optimize the technical performance
• Matching box can be provided
• Power ranging from 10 kW to 50 kW

• Advanced design (electronic tube / transistor hybrid design)
• Technology maturity, 100% offset protection
• Multiple user control interface
• Continuous output and pulse output mode

Customer benefit:
• High reliability
• Even under extreme load matching conditions, can ensure a stable operation.
• Convenient system integration
• Support a variety of processing applications

Product Power supply Frequency Cooling method Power
[kW] [kHz] [V]
TruPlasma RF 1001 1 13560 Water cooling (±10%) 200;208
TruPlasma RF 1002 2 13560 Water cooling (±10%) 200;208
TruPlasma RF 1003 3 13560 Water cooling (±10%) 200;208
TruPlasma RF 7010 10 3390 Water cooling (±10%) 400
TruPlasma RF 7010 10 13560 Water cooling (±10%) 400
TruPlasma RF 7015 15 13560 Water cooling (±10%) 400
TruPlasma RF 7018 18 3390 Water cooling (±10%) 440
TruPlasma RF 7020 20 13560 Water cooling (±10%) 400
TruPlasma RF 7030 30 13560 Water cooling (±10%) 440
TruPlasma RF 7040 40 13560 Water cooling (±10%) 440
TruPlasma RF 7050 50 13560 Water cooling (±10%) 440
RF TruPlasma 1000 series of high frequency power supply is specifically developed for the application of plasma in semiconductor production, typical production processes include PECVD, PVD, dry etching, as well as photovoltaic cell production and surface treatment.
Hottinger patented Combiner technology, namely CombineLine technology to ensure that the power system can continue to work in a large load fluctuations in the plasma process. In addition, the energy conversion rate of the RF TruPlasma 1000 RF power supply series can reach 80%, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost.
RF TruPlasma 7000 high frequency power supply series is applied to the plasma excitation of high quality RF power supply, product power 10 kW kW~50, frequency 13.56 MHz. Corresponding to the various matching box, according to the specific purpose and power size and different.
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