For vacuum technology, people get used to connecting evacuated container with vacuum pumps, vacuum valves, cylinders, baffles, trap, filter, condenser vacuum pipe as well as various other components, then obtaining a certain vacuum degree. And it also can meet the technical apparatus, which calls a vacuum system.

Vacuum system has the same performance as vacuum pump, they are determined by the pumping rate of the system and the system of ultimate vacuum.

Many kinds of vacuum systems, except for crude vacuum system(which consist of only one pump), the other vacuum systems by two or more vacuum pumps.

Before composting the vacuum system, the pump takes firstly consideration, selecting directly evacuated vacuum vessel--the main pump, you should pay attention to those factors: the desired working pressure of pumping vessel, the nature and amount of the evaluated gas, equipment investment, operation of gas costs and other economic indicators.

If pumping gas in the crude vacuum system with air, you can use oil-sealed rotary mechanical vacuum pump; if pumping gas with water vapor and dusty, you taking steam jet pump is more appropriate.

If the evacuated container requires high vacuum, it should be chosen an oil diffusion pump; while it is no need for oil, you should consider using adsorption pump. After selecting the main pump, you would choose fore-pump.

The main pump and fore-pump need good convergence, to be played from atmospheric ultimate degree to the requiring vacuum systems, at all levels of the vacuum pump can be selected to connect inter-related, and the pressure should not have blank spaces.