Experimental vacuum coating equipment

The device is applicable to arbitrary color plastic, ceramic, resin crafts, glass by vacuum coating after plating gold, silver, is colorful, red, purple, blue, grey, black and other colors, mainly used for scientific research, teaching, electronic components, and paint manufacturing industries such as surface coating.

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Experimental vacuum coating equipment is suitable for any color of plastic, ceramic, resin crafts, glass by vacuum coating after all plating gold, silver, colorful, red, purple, blue, grey, black and other colors, can improve the grade of products, the appearance of the more luxurious effect. Application: used in vacuum coating machine is mainly used for the surface coating of experimental teaching, scientific research, electronic components, and paint manufacturing industry. Equipment characteristics: small test of vacuum coating machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact structure, performance varied, easy operation and reliable, low power consumption. Can realize the evaporation, magnetron sputtering, plating process. Can be manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic.

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Mode HCLB-200 HCLB-400 HCLB-600 HCLB-800 HCLB-1000
Dimension 1500×1450×1930 mm(L×W×H)
Film Type Semitransparent film, non-conducting film, gold, silver, red, blue, green, purple, seven color, etc.
Power source Type Thermal evaporation power, ion bombard power, RF power

Vacuum chamber structure

Vertical double/single door, horizontal single door, pump system postposition
Vacuum system Diffusion pump +Roots pump +Mechanical pump +Holding pump
Ultimate vacuum 8×10-4 pa(no-load net room)
Pumping time Pump from atmosphere to 5.0*10-2,≦7 minutes
Workpiece motion mode 6 axis/8 axis/9 axis Public rotation/Frequency control
Control Mode Manual/Automatic all-in-one mode, Touching screen+PLC
Cooling Mode preferably cold water (PH value of 7-8.5) pressure of 2kg / cm2, with the cooling tower 5 t / h
Gas Source 4 ~ 6kg / cm2, 0.1 cubic compressor appropriate.
Voltage 220V/380V 50Hz
Square Area 2㎡
Remark We can design the dimension of the vacuum chamber according to customer’s demand. 
Mainly used in scientific research, teaching.
Fastener Spectacle frame Watch strap