Automotive Lighting Coating Equipment

Main function of this machine including high voltage ion bombard, coat aluminum film and hard SiOx protective film at one time inside the vacuum chamber. Hard SiO protective film imporves the capability of anti- nitriding and keeps the high reflective rate of aluminum film for long time. 

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HCVAC provides machinery and vacuum coating processes for 3D parts which are used in the automotive lighting, interior lighting industries. Reflective coating and hydrophobic coating effect (lotus) technology used in car headlights taillights and typical indoor lighting.

The portfolio of applications includes sputtering and thermal evaporation of reflective and decorative metal layers with a top coat for corrosion protection applied by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). Further applications are color coating via reactive magnetron sputtering, surface engineering of transparent layers, such as wipe-resistant layers and easy-to-clean layers (with a lotus effect), layer stacks for automotive mirrors and silver layer stacks for highest reflectance.

Model HCAL-1518 HCAL-1820
Chamber Size Φ1500mm * H1800mm Φ1800mm * H2000mm
Chamber  Vertical double doors Vertical double doors
Rotation System 2 x Ø 540 6 x Ø 540
8 x Ø 430
Coating Area 5.1 m²(Height 1.5m) 15.2 m²(Height 1.63m)
Estimated Cycle Time 4-9 min 10-12 min
Machine Footprint 5600mm×5200mm×2800mm 7000mm×7000mm×3100mm
Coating Technology Glow discharge/etching   
Thermal evaporation          
PECVD top coat 
Medium Frequency                                   
Polycold trap 
Remark: we can design and configure machines according to your special requirements.
Car light reflective film, reflector cup, head lamp, rear lamp, turn light, car license plate lamp etc. front lamp including: halogen lamp, xenon vapor lamp, dipped headlight, far reaching headlamp, front turning light, front position light ( width light, show the position of the car), front fog lamp; rear lamp including real light, backup reversing lamp, break lamp, rear fog lamp, real turning light.
Car light 1 Car head lamp 2 Car head lamp 3 Car head lamp 4 Car tail lamp 5