EM Oil seal rotary vane pump

EM series pumps are rugged mechanical seal pumps, pumping speed is 0.7 to 275 m3/hr (30 到 206 CFM). These pumps are compact structure, it's very quiet when used, with advanced lubrication circuits, high reliability, with a variety of accessories to meet specific application requirements.

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EM Series two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump seal is famous because of its high ultimate vacuum and high pumping speed, low noise operation and the ability to deal with water vapor. These direct-coupled rotary vane pump has design of compact and no vibration, equipped with anti injured hand fan and coupling housing provides excellent protection for the operator. Offers a variety of accessories, it can be used in the widest range of vacuum applications.

Features and Benefits: 
• Advanced hydraulic circuit can provide effective lubrication (even at high gas load) 
• When the pump is turned off, the spring-loaded oil distribution valve provides protection and air anti-smoking 
• gas ballast control to help deal with high water vapor load 
• pole shaft roller bearings mounted industrial-grade, high reliability, service life and longer time between failures 
• You can easily check the oil level and oil-related cases through the full height of the observation window 
• The larger models are installed oil filter status indicator so you can replace the oil filter 
• Central air intake convenient when you need to install the mechanical booster 
• provide convenient maintenance kit, and provide support services for international clients, simple maintenance 
• Provide a variety of accessories to meet your application needs 
• Pump parts and accessories can be provided as a single or as a complete systematization, are combined to provide factory-tested.

  50Hz 42.5 m3h-1/25 ft3min-1
  60Hz 50.5 m3h-1/29.7 ft3min-1
Speed (Pneurop)
  50Hz 37 m3h-1/21.8 ft3min-1
  60Hz 44 m3h-1/25.9 ft3min-1
Series 2
Ultimate vacuum(total pressure
  Without air 1 x 10-3 mbar/7.7 x 10-4 Torr
  With air 7 x 10-3 mbar/5.4 x 10-3 Torr
  Without air 1 x 10-2 mbar
Air inlet connection ISO40
Air outlet connection 适用于 NW25 的 25 mm 法兰
P max 0.5 bar 表压
The biggest air inlet steam pressure 7 mbar / 5.3 Torr
The largest water vapor pumping speed 0.2 kg h-1/0.4 lb h-1
Weight 82 kg/179 lb
Motor protection rating IP55
Motor power
  50Hz 1.1 kW/1.5 hp
  60Hz 1.5 kW/2 hp
Standard oil mass
  Max 3.5 升/3.2 qt
  Min 1.32 升/1.6 qt
PFPE oil mass
  Max 3.5 升/3.2 qt
  Min 1.32 升/1.6 qt
Recommended oil  Ultragrade 70
Noise level 65 dB(A)
Vacuum metallurgy processing; Thin film coating technology; Pharmaceutical freeze drying; Refrigeration and air conditioning system evacuation, drying and backfill; Transformer and cable drying and impregnation, insulation oil treatment plant; Lamp manufacturing; Cryogenic vessel evacuation; Vacuum drying and distillation in the chemical industry; Semiconductor equipment manufacturing; Front stage pump for high vacuum applications.
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