PVC plastic film means the film made of polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other resin, used for packaging, and as coating layer. "Twelve Five" period, especially plastic films feature film materials in emerging industries will play an important role, excellent functional properties of thin film materials, the downstream market segments targeted, broad application prospects. Water film solar cell membrane, a thin film flat panel display, semiconductor and microelectronics films will have a vast space. Functional film materials technology barriers, the main difficulty lies in its formulation, process and equipment. Among the many features of the film, the integrated market space and technical barriers, our most promising optical films and photovoltaic films.

Optical grade PET as the main raw material of the optical film, diffusion film, a brightness enhancement film are processed on the basis of the slice from the PET. Due to the high levels of optical thin-film technology, a technology-intensive industries, high barriers to entry, is still mainly rely on imports. Now there are companies wishing to enter the domestic optical film field, the domestic enterprises to enter the field of optical films, will boost demand optical PET film. Optical PET film production is mainly concentrated in the Japanese and Korean companies, domestic enterprises have yet to achieve large-scale production.

Solar films including film and EVA film backplane backplane film mainly made ​​of a fluorine -based film and a polyester film. Highest fluorinated membrane technology barriers, China is still not industrialized enterprise, mylar maturity relatively slightly, import substitution trend is increasingly evident.