Vacuum coating equipment works at high temperature, and the membrane surface evaporation falls crystallization. Due to the evaporation of the air molecules, it will produce the film resistance caused by collision to make crystals becoming rough matte, it must be under a high vacuum in order to make fine crystal bright, fruit such as the degree of vacuum is not high, crystal will lose luster binding force is also poor. Early vacuum coating equipment was relied on natural evaporation body scattering, combining with poor ergonomics and low gloss differential. Now added frequency magnetron sputtering target shooting evaporated molecules of the membrane under the influence of an electric field to accelerate the bombardment target, a large number of sputtered target atoms, was neutral target atoms (or molecules), deposited a film on the substrate, can not be solved in the past natural evaporation process of membrane species, such as titanium zirconium oxide and so on.

RF equipment, its cooling water must be added, because of the high frequency current. Currents flowing in a conductor skin effect, the charge will have a surface area gathered in the conductance, so that conductance heat pipes do that by using the hole conductor intermediate water cooling.

(Mainly cylindrical target) Why have water-cooled? Magnetron sputtering target at launch will generate heat deformation, causeing the gun deformation, so it has a water jacket for cooling a gun. At the same time, there is an important reason that the magnetron sputtering coating technology is considered the most prominent achievements. It sputtering rate, the substrate temperature is low, the film - substrate with good adhesion.

From a deeper study the movement of electrons in a non-uniform electromagnetic field, discussing the general principle of magnetron sputtering, the magnetic field inhomogeneity and lateral symmetry, these are the essential reason for magnetic confinement. RF vacuum coating equipment are generally equipped with a chiller as a coating machine (mainly cylindrical target) cooling equipment

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