Vacuum coating equipment mainly used for universities, research institutes, experimental studies. It can be developed in different types, different specifications and versatile experimental device according to the process requirements, or for a particular product with the development of special equipment.

Dongguan Huicheng Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd., is a specialized enterprise in vacuum equipment from production to sales, with the production of the oven and bake Pipeline Road.

The Company is engaged in vacuum metalizing equipment design and production, has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture coating technology and equipment. It is a set of equipment production and technical services in high-tech enterprises. The division provides a variety of models multi-arc, magnetron, frequency ion vacuum coating machines, and tailores to customers special type vacuum coating equipment and provides the equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning one-stop services to the production process. Our company can produce a series of units production line, series of high and low temperature, oil, electric drying me, series of environmental protection products such as spray station. Widely used in auto parts, motorcycle parts, footwear, handicrafts, electronics, machinery and so on. It takes important part for these fields, like Electroplating, electrophoresis and spraying.

The company has engaged in the construction team of surface treatment equipment design for many years, consisting of a practical-experienced and top-technical team . To meet the continuous advancement of technology and participate in large projects painting plating types of construction, our company has many experienced engineers and plating additive technology backbone enterprises have maintained close contacts and cooperation, can target customer requirements, surface treatment and equipment design, provision of equipment manufacture, installation, commissioning and perfect after-sales service.

When compared with conventional electroplating, vacuum coating technology has many advantages, such as good decorative effect, strong metal sense, low cost (about conventional plating 1/3 ~ 1/2), lower pollution, easy to operate and so on. Particularly in the application of non-metallic objects, it has a traditional incomparable plating advantages. In view of this, vacuum coating has been widely used on the surface of the metal of various plastics, ceramics, glass, wax, wood and other products. This successful development of vacuum coating technology has been inextricably linked with the vacuum coating oil. Automotive Lights coating machine which is by the action of vacuum coating oil of the decision. In the process of vacuum coating, vacuum coating of oil plays a strong role in bonding and plating metal film (ie as an undercoat layer of plating); vacuum coating, plating surface to be coated in oil coating , then the oil and plays a protective metal film, dyeing and other effects (ie, as a member of the plated surface coating).

Before the vacuum coating process, most materials have to be coated with a thin layer plated oil, then re-coating as it dries thoroughly, otherwise easily coated with a shedding metal film. And the multi-arc ion plating machine gently can be wiped by hand. Vacuum coating process, the coating quality is good or bad that depends on the undercoat layer. Vacuum coating technology mostly are used plastics material. Plastic with easy molding, low cost, light weight, corrosion and other characteristics, widely used in some products, but for these shortcomings, such as easy to aging, poor mechanical properties, poor heat resistance, higher water absorption, that restrict the expansion of applications. Through the application of vacuum coating technology, the plastic surface metallization of organic and inorganic materials greatly combine to enhance its physical and chemicis.