1. Vacuum coating equipment materials have been widely used for depositing aluminum, titanium, zirconium and other wet plating metals, it also can be deposited from an alloy to a ceramic or diamond coatings through the reaction gas and alloy targets, and the coating system could be designed according to customers’ requirement.

2. The vacuum coating equipment saving metal material: the vacuum coating with good adhesion, density, hardness and corrosion resistance, and the deposited coating much smaller than conventional wet plating coating.

3. vacuum coating equipment for free-pollution: all coating materials are in a vacuum environment by plasma deposition at the surface, there is no solution contamination,it does fewer pollution to the environment.

Vacuum coating equipment is used in various industries, the extensive use of plastic and the continuous development of vacuum coating technology dooms tentacles into the plastics industry, but not directly used in some common plastic, the researchers undertake to solve these problems, vacuum coating machine for plastic material used, it requires the film combining high layer, lower gassing volume and heat stability, it is not common method to keep the three factors at a same level, but the plastic material in industrial production is widely used, so the application of plastic vacuum coating machines have been also developed, in order to make more plastic into the vacuum coating, and often by a variety of ways to improve. There are some kinds of process commonly used plastic vacuum coating, ABS is the first to use, which meets the three conditions of plastic at the same time, A representative of acrylonitrile, B on behalf of butane and S for styrene. Plastics containing above three substances is ABS plastic, the rear ABS plated layer, can be a good performance to its mechanical properties, impact resistance, relying on its large hardness, wear resistance and low cost, is often used in place of some of the metal mechanical parts, like the production of household appliances shell, but because it contains butadiene, ABS can not be used outdoors, otherwise it will change color.