Ni target (Ni target), target titanium (Ti target), a target of zinc (Zn target), target chromium (Cr target), target magnesium (Mg target), target niobium (Nb target), Tin target (Sn target), aluminum target (Al target), indium target (In target), iron target(Fe target), zirconium aluminum target (ZrAl target), titanium aluminum targets (TiAl target), zirconium target (Zr target), silicon target (Si target). copper target (Cu target), tantalum target(Ta target), germanium target(Ge target), silver target (Ag target), cobalt target (Co target), gold target (Au target), gadolinium target(Gd target), lanthanum target (La target), yttrium target (Y target), cerium target(Ce target), hafnium target(Hf target), mammography (Mo target), iron-nickel target (FeNi target), V target, W target, stainless steel target , nickel-iron target, iron-cobalt target, nickel chromium target, copper indium gallium target, aluminum-silicon target, NiCr target target and so on.

Vacuum coating machine with ceramic targets

ITO target, AZO target, MgO target, Fe2O3target, Cr2O3target, ZnO target, ZnS target, CdS target, molybdenum sulfide target, SiO2target, SiO target, CeO2 target, ZrO2 target, Nb2O5 target, TiO2 target, hafnium oxide target, TiB2 target, ZrB2 target, WO3target, Al2O3 target, Ta2O5 target , Nb2O5 target, MgF2 target, YF3 target, MgF2 target, SeZn target, AlN target, NSi target, BN target, CSi2 target, LiNbO3 target, praseodymium titanate target, BaO3Ti target, La2O7Ti2 target, nickel oxide and other ceramic sputtering target.

Vacuum coating machine malfunction: without beam, instability high pressure indication

Under normal circumstances, even if there is a stable beam high-pressure indication or indication of instability beam high-pressure, it is abnormal that high-pressure table pointer swings back and forth between 3 kV ~ 6 kV. For a principle analysis, the high-voltage power supply and the loading question will cause this phenomenon. In order to facilitate the investigation, to separate the high-voltage power supply and the loading, if the fault persists, that means the problem is not in terms of the loading, but in high-voltage power supply inside. High voltage power supply is automatically reset by the high-pressure part, if the two parts of component perform deterioration for vacuum coating machine, it will appear unstable phenomenon. The high-pressure section and automatic reset disengaged, measured by high-pressure form the high-pressure part of the output voltage of + 6 kV (or + 10 kV), and if it is stable, it indicates that the high-pressure part of the components is no problem. In order to determine the stability of the automatic reset main switch circuit portion, you can take suitable methods to detect, if it still appear not normal, it means the automatic reset portion of the current detection circuit with gate voltage switching circuit problem. In the actual repair process, you can find that the current detection circuit C-1, C- 2, C- 3, C- 18, C- 20, those five wires(0utput and Input)which have influence on the high-voltage line. It is estimated that the original design is not reasonable, the formation of distributed capacitance, coupled with the aging of components, so that the operating could change the circuit. When the same type vacuum coating machine inspection equipment, also found a similar failure. This indicates that DM F- 700 coater at the factory on the existence of hidden faults, for taking the appropriate approach, eliminating the failure, so that the high pressure indication returns to normal state.