Glass vacuum magnetron sputtering cathode coated process, the glass is placed in a vacuum chamber, the vacuum chamber filled with the reaction gas, when the cathode sputtering is powered, electrons are emitted from the anode surface, then electron energy rapidly increasing at an electric field, the gas space of the high-energy electron molecules will collide with the cathode surface area, so that ionizes gas molecules, positively charged particles are accelerated in the electric field, then greatly impacting on the cathode surface in high-speed, making the metal particle separated from them, at the same time, because of a large number of particle collisions generated on the surface of target secondary electrons, it becomes a high-energy electrons at an accelerating electric field, which often leads to the glow discharge effect. Among them, the metal particles are positively charged from the target surface, they would be deposited on the glass, forming a thin film. In that way, the multilayer film can be produced with various materials. Most of the metal and non-metallic mineral can be formed. "Control principle of cathode sputtering" is the cathode with a permanent magnet or an electromagnet inside. Magnetic field penetrates the surface of the metal cathode sputtering targett. when energized, the sputtering cathode would be produced a primary electron, the primary electron can form a spiral trajectory in the bounded magnetron and the accelerating electric field, greatly increasing the acceleration time and movement distance, improve the probability and speed of the gas molecules collide with the space, thereby increasing the sputtering rate.

The heat-reflective glass with vacuum magnetron sputtering coating process, has become the world's advanced technique for large-area coated glass, when compared with the traditional method of coating, it has a significant improvement in product quality, functionality, labor productivity, cost, etc. Beside the above characteristics using the production of thermal vacuum magnetron sputtering method, its film also has a strong adhesion, uniformity and good chemical stability. The glass with this process, it can obtain a variety of desirable optical performance and rich reflection color.