NCVM vacuum coating equipment is plated metallic and insulating compounds, film, utilizing the characteristics of each phase discontinuities, which give the final appearance of metallic effect and have no effect on the transmission of wireless communications. Firstly, it should be achieved a non-conductive, and met the normal use of wireless communications products; Secondly, we must ensure that "metallic" appearance is of importance requirement; Finally, with the combination of UV coatings and coating layer, ultimately admitting the product of properties and weather resistance, to meet customer needs. NCVM vacuum coating equipment can be used in various plastic materials, such as PC, PC + ABS, ABS, PMMA, NYLON, plastic, etc., it is more in line with environmental protection requirements of the production process, it also a alternative technology for no chrome (Non-Chrome) electroplating products, applying into all required plastic surface treatment products, particularly the signal transceiver 3C products with the vicinity of the antenna cover, such as MobilePhone, PDA, Smart Phone, GPS satellite navigation, Bluetooth headsets.

NCVM's main feature is a combination of the characteristics of the conventional vacuum coating technology, taking in new coating technologies, new materials, to make the ordinary vacuum plating with metallic appearance of different colors, playing beautification function of the workpiece surface. The finished product can be made by NCVM technology, which can be used for the high voltage test of tens of thousands of volts, and can not be conducted and breakdown. It is precisely because it is not electrically conductive, when the phone or Bluetooth headset gets and receipts signal, the electromagnetic field generated by the conductive coating are not hoarding, which does not affect the phone's RF (radio frequency) and ESD (electrostatic discharge) performance, that makes wireless products to achieve better reception effect, no noise, and without any impact on the human body.

Huicheng NCVM non-conductive coating equipment is that uses resistance heating in a vacuum chamber, the metal plating material melted, vaporized, so metal molecules is deposited on the substrate, resulting in a smooth highly reflective metal layer, to achieve the purpose of the article surface decorative landscaping . With a reasonable structure, pumping speed, short working cycle, high production efficiency, easy operation, low energy consumption, stable, and film uniformity, qualified-film and other advantages. The equipment is mainly widely used in plastic electronic products: mobile phone casing surface, the phone keypad, computer, digital, electronic communications and other non-conductive plating film (NCVM).