Employment concept.


Firmly adhere to the "people-oriented, morality oriented, talent oriented" concept of employment.

Strengthen the construction of the core team of the enterprise and establish the employment mechanism of "survival of the fittest". Under the leadership of the general manager, we will build an excellent enterprise team with morality, knowledge, skills, integrity, consideration of the overall situation, systematic thinking, consensus, up and down, efficiency and pragmatism, decent style, integrity and integrity.

Development mechanism.

Personnel Training
Talent policy Talents are our most valuable wealth. We are committed to providing employees with: passionate and challenging work; equal and simple team atmosphere; improving competitive salary system; so as to attract and develop talents to become future business leaders.
  • Scientific and efficient

    Excellent talents are the driving force of Huicheng's development. Establish a scientific, effective, responsive and flexible recruitment system to ensure that the most appropriate talents who agree with the core values of the enterprise enter the company.

  • Talent only

    HCVAC adheres to the principle of "being able to go up and down, be able to go in and out, being only able to do things, and being paid according to work". We guarantee that every employee who has the ability and hard work will get a fair development opportunity.

  • Comprehensive training

    In the talent training system of Huicheng, the training mechanism is a very important part. Lifelong learning and continuous improvement are our goal. Huicheng develops human resources in various ways to realize the self-development of employees.

  • Multiple incentives

    First of all, as an important part of the incentive mechanism, it is merged into a highly competitive salary system and employee benefits. At the same time, ESOP, as a kind of employee incentive, enables employees and the company to develop and grow together.

Wolf team

The company adheres to building a competitive wolf team, adheres to the principle of "the best, the mediocre, the average", selects and hires all kinds of excellent talents from inside and outside the company, and constantly optimizes the talent team.

The company constantly attracts, gathers and achieves all kinds of excellent talents, establishes and improves the open, competitive, excellent and standardized mechanism of talent selection, use, training, evaluation and incentive to meet the high-tech requirements, vigorously promotes the development of talent marketization, professionalization and specialization, and strives to build a talent team with appropriate scale, professional supporting, optimized structure and excellent quality.

HCVAC recruits talents from various ways:

1、College graduates. Every year, the company recruits excellent graduates from 985, 211 and other universities.

2、Social recruitment. According to the development, the company will timely supplement all kinds of talents, especially high-end talents.

3、Internal recommendation. The company encourages internal employees to recommend excellent talents to join in. Once the recommended talents are employed, they will be given certain cash rewards.

Job Recruitment.

Talent only