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  • On site support
  • Remote monitoring
  • Machine improvement
  • Maintenance service
  • Maintenance guarantee
  • Check and repair
  • Development and sampling
  • Training
On site support

(1)On site support:
There are hundreds of experts and technicians around the world. 24 hours online, ready to call. Our engineers and technicians are distributed in various countries and cities, bringing you all the professional knowledge and experience in the field of assembly equipment. They hold the latest data in our machine database to ensure faster diagnosis and maintenance. Therefore, you can get specific recommendations for your device.

(2)After sales service email: service@hcvac.com
Through our remote assistance service, Huicheng is a professional after-sales maintenance personnel, 24-hour online, who can call the maintenance specialist at any time, to reduce the machine downtime and save the maintenance cost for you. According to our statistics, most of the problems can be solved online, which means that your machine can recover quickly.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is a comprehensive production reporting tool designed to quickly access detailed machine production, process and technical data. It provides decision makers, lean manufacturing practitioners with near real-time and historical data for analysis by shift, date, machine facility and enterprise. In order to solve the problem, remote monitoring also includes self-management alarm and customizable dashboard and display functions.

Machine improvement

You've designed and created hundreds of ways to extend the life of your machine, add features, improve performance, and increase productivity.
Many of the machine enhancements are standard designs, but most of them are tailored to your device and requirements. Contact us: in terms of machine enhancement, Huicheng provides solutions that meet all your requirements!
Your coating equipment is critical to your operational efficiency and ability to serve customers. That's why our preventive maintenance services are an important feature of your investment. You choose the type of service that best suits you.

Maintenance service

At any time in the life cycle of the machine, you can order a 12-month maintenance plus service agreement to obtain a personalized plan for preventive maintenance by a certified aggregation expert. In order to improve the availability of your machine, improve the quality of production and extend the life cycle of the equipment, we will conduct regular inspections and take measures to minimize failures.

(1) Maintenance and inspection shall be carried out regularly by certified remittance technicians
(2) Standardized reports include early identification of equipment problems and recommendations for potential improvements
(3) Maintenance includes overhaul, defect correction and component replacement recommended in the report to minimize the risk of failure
(4) Collect the quality of certified spare parts and wearing parts to ensure the best operation.

Maintenance guarantee

Provide excellent turnkey maintenance services, including maintenance experts and maintenance certified spare and wear parts services. This is the best way to ensure that your device stays at its best for maximum machine availability and operational efficiency. You can control your maintenance budget 100%, get the most economic return and keep your equipment for a longer time.

(1) Guarantee the authorized maintenance technicians
(2) Regular maintenance and inspection, including improvement suggestions
(3) Plan interventions according to your schedule
(4) Determine any maintenance measures to minimize the possibility of failure
(5) Priority response to any question
(6) All necessary maintenance certified spare parts and vulnerable parts
(7) Remote monitoring and downtime tracking applications give you peace of mind and the ability to take action anytime, anywhere.

Check and repair

HCVAC provides routine maintenance and repair services for the equipment (such as lubrication, oil and filter change), and implements equipment maintenance. First of all, we will provide you with practical guidance to help you learn to troubleshoot and solve problems by yourself. If it cannot be solved by ourselves, we will provide technical inspection and evaluation for the equipment at your request, and implement preventive or corrective maintenance measures.

Profit for you
-Reduce and forecast downtime
-Maintenance of machine performance

Development and sampling

Do you have novel tribological, decorative or cutting and forming requirements or even a completely new application? Hauzer is an excellent development partner. Joint development can be as quick as application consulting and parts sampling or as involved as creating entirely new solutions. Development takes place on industrial-scale machines for easier process transfer and includes the complete process chain. A combination of our coating expertise and your application expertise, for optimal results.

The HCVAC competence centre is a fully equipped development centre. Here, our coating systems are equipped with the latest deposition technologies. We have the capacity to show you the complete process chain, including cleaning, pre- and post-treatment and the final quality check. Our process engineers also have full access to our own laboratory equipped with the common thin film measurement technologies, equipment for metallurgical investigations and application-oriented test equipment such as tribometers and corrosion tests for certain environments.

Our experienced process engineers will first take the time to listen to your business needs and application requirements. Then, they will start the development process for a coating solution that can meet your requirements.

During development, we are not limited to a certain deposition technology or combination, a certain chamber size or a certain supplier of certain pre- and post-treatments. Instead, different platforms, technologies and technology combinations are within our search scope, and even research and development of new deposition technologies. This is how we can achieve the right performance for your specifications.

Once the recipe development step has been completed, we will always help you ensure that the recipe can be upscaled and transferred to your machine, with any modifications required.

After you have owned a HCVAC machine for some time, your originally trained operators may no longer be working with the machine. If so, the best investment you can make in your business is to upgrade the skills of your people. A training course with HCVAC can help you achieve shorter cycle times, higher uptime, better production quality and reduced service and repair costs. HCVAC offers training courses for operators, process engineers, plant managers/sales managers and maintenance technicians: For operators(Day-to-day maintenance/Cleaning components/Product fixturing/Start-up processes and machine handling/Alarm handling/Maintenance and troubleshooting course) Basic knowledge of PVD and PACVD technology(Systematic root cause analysis/Understanding of the equipment and the functionality of the subsystems/Use of manuals/Alarm handling/Routine preventive maintenance) For process engineers(Understanding the PVD coating process and turn-key operation/Writing, importing and exporting recipes/Analysing trend data and batch reports/Analysing quality control data) For plant managers and sales managers(Market changes and market requirements/New possibilities for full machine utilisation/Getting the most out of your machine configuration/Available modifications and their effects on configuration)
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