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Performance characteristics of PVD technology coating on pvd coating machine



pvd coating machine PVD technology has become an indispensable part of people's lives, and its technology is constantly developing and improving. Daily PVD coating technology is widely used in the processing and manufacturing of door and window hardware, kitchen and bathroom hardware, lighting fixtures, marine products, jewelry, handicrafts, and other decorative products. PVD has become quite popular in the field of daily hardware, and many hardware manufacturers have started the development and mass production of PVD products. The rich colors of PVD make it very easy to match, and its excellent resistance to harsh environments, as well as its easy to clean and non fading performance, make it deeply loved by consumers. What are the characteristics of the coating performance of pvd coating machine PVD technology?

pvd coating machine

1. The properties of pvd coating machine for PVD coating are: metal appearance, uniform color, durable surface, and maintaining a good appearance under various basic air and direct sunlight environmental conditions. The color is deep, bright, and economical, which can reduce the time and cost required for cleaning and polishing electroplated brass or gold., Harmless to the environment, avoiding chemical poisoning and VOC emissions., Biocompatible
2. pvd coating machine PVD coating characteristics: Excellent adhesion - can bend more than 90 degrees without cracking or peeling (PVD coating holds high adhesion and durability). Other technologies, including electroplating and spraying, cannot be compared to it. Can etch any imaginable design pattern. It can be used for interior decoration or outdoor oxidation and corrosion resistance.
3. pvd coating machine PVD film resistance: corrosion resistance, stable chemical properties. Acid resistant, both indoors and outdoors, in regular environments, it is antioxidant, does not fade, does not lose luster, and does not leave any marks. Under normal usage, it will not be damaged. Non fading. Easy to remove paint and handwriting. In strong sunlight, salty wetlands, and urban environments, it does not lose its luster, oxidize, fade, peel off, or burst.
4.pvd coating machine coating advantages: There are a variety of film colors, the surface is delicate and smooth, rich in metallic luster, and never fades. It does not change color or peel off in harsh environments such as scorching sun and humidity, and has stable performance. Highly wear-resistant, scratch resistant, and less prone to scratches. Wide range of plating materials with strong adhesion to the substrate. High vacuum ion plating technology - truly harmless to the human body and ecological environment.
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