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Why do heating accessories inside the pvd coating machine cavity improve film adhesion?



Many customers who come to the factory to see the pvd coating machine are curious as to why many conventional pvd coating machines are equipped with heating accessories. What specific function does it have and what are its benefits? Below, the editor of Huicheng Vacuum will introduce in detail why heating accessories are needed in the cavity of the pvd coating machine.

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Any solid material will dissolve and adsorb some gases in the atmospheric environment. When the material is placed in a vacuum state, it will emit gas due to desorption and analysis. The rate of outgassing is directly proportional to the gas content in the material. The gas components analyzed by different materials and the temperature and time of analysis are different.
Various pumps have different pumping rates for gases with different components. When vacuuming, the atmosphere in the container is first removed (this part of the gas is quickly removed, and the gas in the furnace is basically exhausted at 10-1Pa), and then the gas desorbed on the surface of the material and the interior of the material diffuse out to the surface. Gases, as well as gases that penetrate into the vacuum through the wall. Therefore, after the goods enter the furnace, they must be insulated and degassed, because the goods will absorb some impurity gases before entering the furnace. We must use appropriate heating to allow these Gas analysis desorbs the surface of the goods. Taking stainless steel as an example, in addition to the gas adsorbed on its surface, some gases will also precipitate inside the steel during the continuous heating and insulation process. The presence of these gases often has a greater impact on the purity and color of the film, and on the film layer. Adhesion is also greatly affected.
From the above introduction, everyone should know why the pvd coating machine needs to be equipped with heating accessories. If you want to achieve the required vacuum environment and produce a high-quality film layer, it is essential to equip the z cavity with heating accessories.
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