Parts coating

HCVAC Parts coating can improve performance and reliable compact design, greatly improve wear resistance, extend service life and durability of components, and provide emergency operation reserve, reduce friction loss, increase power output and reduce engine thermal load.

Mold coating

The equipment is designed for plating hard or super hard protective film on mould. The design and materials of the vacuum sealing and indoor moving parts of the vacuum plating chamber are fully considered to be able to withstand high temperature. Tin, tic, TiCN, TiAlN, tialcn, TiCrN, ticrcn, tialcrn, multi-layer super hard film, etc. can be plated.

Tool coating

HCVAC provides the most advanced PVD, PACVD and other cutting tool coating technology equipment, which is used for high speed steel and cemented carbide tools to meet various processing requirements and workpiece materials.

DLC coating

DLC coating has high hardness, excellent friction and wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, low dielectric constant, wide band gap, good optical permeability, excellent chemical inertness and biocompatibility. It has broad application prospects in aerospace, mechanical, electronic, optical, decorative appearance protection, biomedical and other fields.

GLC coating

HCVAC developed a hydrogen free amorphous carbon film (A-C) using UBM technology. It is a low friction, high wear-resistant, solid lubrication coating. The coating is a conductive carbon based coating with graphite microcrystalline structure. Compared with the standard DLC coating, GLC coating has better friction and wear resistance and is suitable for many applications.

ta-c coating

HCVAC has developed an arc cathode module with independent intellectual property rights, which is suitable for preparing ta-C coating arc cathode module. The equipment can deposit super hard ta-C coating with hardness over 40gpa, and can deposit ta-C coating on HCSH series standard equipment.



Scientific and Technological Strength
After years of accumulation of vacuum application technology, improvement of equipment design and processing technology, customized vacuum application solutions provide strong technical support for the development of well-known coating production enterprises at home and abroad, and are highly praised by customers.More>>
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