Flexible electron

The color of the coating is determined by its composition, which consists of metals such as zirconium and titanium and nitrogen, carbon and oxygen. Our process engineering team can adjust the color according to your requirements to make you stand out in the market.

Metal tape

Amorphous inorganic nonmetallic materials are usually made of a variety of inorganic minerals (such as quartz sand, borax, boric acid, barite, barium carbonate, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, etc.) as the main raw materials, and a small amount of auxiliary materials are added. Its main components are silica and other oxides.

Packaging industry

The utensils made of clay are called pottery, and the utensils used to burn paper are used to teach porcelain. Ceramics is the general name of pottery, stoneware and porcelain. The ancients called ceramics ou. Pottery and porcelain clay, two different kinds of clay, are used as raw materials, which are made by mixing, molding, drying, roasting and other technological processes.

Holographic anti counterfeiting

Plastic is widely used in household appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, PCs, medical devices, lighting appliances. With the sustained and stable growth of China's economy, home appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, PC, medical devices and other industries have benefited from a good external environment, and have achieved rapid development. The development of downstream industries has further stimulated the demand for plastics.



Scientific and Technological Strength
After years of accumulation of vacuum application technology, improvement of equipment design and processing technology, customized vacuum application solutions provide strong technical support for the development of well-known coating production enterprises at home and abroad, and are highly praised by customers.More>>
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