Conductive film

Transparent conductive film, also known as transparent electrode, has not only conductivity, but also light transmittance, which has a wide range of application prospects. At present, the most important application is ITO film, and other azo.

Metal film

HCVAC is involved in many kinds of metal film plating, and has technical and technological reserves in various film electrodes or decorative film plating.

Optical film

The purpose of any optical thin film coating is to change the transmittance and reflectivity characteristics of the substrate material to which they are applied. Most coatings can be roughly divided into one of the following categories:

Functional film

HCVAC have made a lot of work in the application of ultra-high resistance film and hard film. At present, the square resistance can be effectively controlled in 5e8 to 5e9 Ω / □, and the Mohr hardness of DLC film is greater than 8, reaching the hardness level of sapphire glass.



Scientific and Technological Strength
After years of accumulation of vacuum application technology, improvement of equipment design and processing technology, customized vacuum application solutions provide strong technical support for the development of well-known coating production enterprises at home and abroad, and are highly praised by customers.More>>
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