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Take you to know the structure of vacuum coating machine



Vacuum coating machine technology has become an indispensable part of people's life, affecting people's lifestyle, such as tableware, home furnishing, building materials, electronic products, packaging and other surfaces are coated with a film in daily life, which not only changes the performance of the product, but also changes its aesthetics. With the progress of society, the technology of vacuum coating machine is also changing with each passing day. Optical coating technology, winding coating technology, decorative coating technology and magnetic control coating technology have been put into the market for a long time to meet the current market demand. Many people outside the industry have a doubt about the specific structure of the vacuum coating machine. Now we have compiled the information for your reference and study.


1、 Vacuum chamber and coating equipment mainly include continuous coating production line and single chamber coating machine. Stainless steel material manufacturing, argon arc welding, surface chemical polishing, and various specifications of flange interfaces are welded on vacuum chamber components.
2、 In the vacuum technology, the vacuum obtaining part is an important part. The vacuum can not be obtained by a vacuum equipment and method. Several pumps must be used together, such as mechanical pump, roots pump, molecular pump system, etc.
3、 The vacuum measurement part, the vacuum measurement part of the vacuum system, is to measure the pressure in the vacuum chamber. Like vacuum pump, there is no one vacuum gauge that can measure the whole vacuum range, so people have made many kinds of vacuum gauges according to different principles and requirements. Such as thermocouple, ionization meter, Pirani meter and so on.
4、 In the power supply part, the target power supply mainly includes DC power supply, if power supply, pulse power supply and RF power supply. The common power supply manufacturers include AE, ADL, hotinger, etc
5、 Process gas input system, process gas, such as argon (AR), krypton (KR), nitrogen (N2), acetylene (C2H2), methane (CH4), hydrogen (H2), oxygen (O2), etc., are generally supplied by gas cylinders, through gas pressure reducing valve, gas stop valve, pipeline, gas flow meter, solenoid valve, piezoelectric valve, and then into the vacuum chamber. The advantages of the gas input system are that the pipeline is simple and quick, and it is easy to repair or replace the gas cylinder. Each coating machine does not affect each other. There are also cases where multiple coating machines share a group of gas cylinders, which may be seen in some large-scale coating workshops. It has the advantages of reducing the consumption of gas cylinders, unified planning and layout. The disadvantage is that the number of joints increases the chance of air leakage. Moreover, the coating machines will interfere with each other, and the pipeline leakage of one coating machine may affect the product quality of other coating machines. In addition, when replacing the gas cylinder, it is necessary to ensure that all machines are in the non gas state.
6、 For the mechanical transmission part, the coating must have uniform thickness around, so there must be three rotations in the coating process to meet the requirements. That is, when the large workpiece table is required to rotate (I), the small workpiece bearing table also rotates (II), and the workpiece itself can rotate (III) at the same time. In mechanical design, there is a large driving gear at the bottom center of the large workpiece turntable, around which are some small star wheels. If the product rotation is to be realized, the fork is generally used to move the workpiece rotation.
7、 The coating equipment for heating and temperature measurement generally has heaters at different positions, and the temperature is measured and controlled by thermocouples. However, because the position of the thermocouple clamp is different from that of the workpiece, the temperature reading cannot be the real temperature of the workpiece. There are many ways to measure the real temperature of the workpiece. You can install high temperature test paper or thermocouple meter on the workpiece.
8、 Ion evaporation and sputtering source, the evaporation source of multi arc plating is generally round cake shaped, commonly known as round cake target, but also rectangular multi arc target. The target seat is equipped with a magnet. By moving the magnet back and forth, and changing the magnetic field strength, the moving speed and track of the arc spot can be adjusted. In order to reduce the temperature of the target and the target seat, the target seat should be continuously filled with cooling water. In order to ensure the high conductivity and thermal conductivity between the target and the target base, tin gasket can also be added between the target and the target base. Generally, rectangular or cylindrical sputtering cathode is used for magnetron sputtering.
9、 Water cooling system, generally composed of cold water tower, ice water machine, water pump, etc
The vacuum coating machine must be composed of the above nine parts, each of which plays an important role in starting the machine.