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Introduction to DLC film deposited by DLC pvd coating machine?



The diamond-like film coated by DLC pvd coating machine is usually called DLC film, which is the abbreviation of the English word Diamond Like Carbon. It is a kind of property similar to diamond, with high hardness and high resistivity. An amorphous carbon film with good optical properties and its own unique tribological properties. The carbon element ultimately produces different substances due to the different bonding methods between carbon atoms: diamond - carbon and carbon are combined in the form of sp3 bonds; graphite (graphite) - carbon and carbon are combined in the form of sp2 bonds combine.

DLC pvd coating machine

Diamond-like carbon (DLC)-carbon is a metastable form of amorphous carbon that is combined in the form of sp3 and sp2 bonds. It has no strict definition and can include amorphous carbon with a wide range of properties. Therefore, It has the excellent properties of diamond and graphite; therefore, the DLC film derived from diamond-like diamond is also a metastable long-range disordered amorphous material. The bonding method between carbon atoms is covalent bonding, mainly including sp2 and There are two kinds of sp3 hybrid bonds, and there are also a certain number of C-H bonds in the hydrogen-containing DLC film.
The DLC coating coated by the DLC pvd coating machine has high hardness, excellent friction reduction and wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, low dielectric constant, wide bandgap, good optical transmittance, excellent chemical inertness and biocompatibility properties, etc., and has broad application prospects in aerospace, machinery, electronics, optics, decorative appearance protection, biomedicine and other fields. DLC coating is suitable for wear and sliding environments and can reduce friction losses in the absence of any lubricating medium. It can be used in automotive engine parts (fuel injection systems, power transmission systems), bearings, rollers, textile machinery, aerospace and many other fields.
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